Digital music studio

Easy-to-use web-based music studio to create songs, play with instruments or remix other users' original songs. Supports MP3 export and cloud storage.


Creating music has never been so easy

Compose your own magnum opus... even if you're tone deaf.

Dance to the beat of your own drum... or another instrument!

Be a composer

Write the next big opera, symphony pop hit!

Be a musician

Perform your hit tracks for an audience of any size... all from your own home!

Be a DJ

Mix the next banger, downtempo, or lo-fi chillstep mix.

Multiple instruments

Drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, or the sounds of every day life... we've got a cornucopia of sounds to riff with!

Create rhythms with patterns

Layer instrumentals and patterns to become a beatmaker

Write songs visually

See the music as you make melodies for others to hear


Get image editor, photo editor, video editor, music studio, code studio and 3D studio for only $9 / month.

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